Birthday Cakes

I believe I’ve mentioned that we’ve had some birthdays around here.

It’s becoming a tradition that Sara requests this chocolate peanut butter cake every year. It’s a sour cream chocolate cake topped with peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate peanut butter glaze.  This cake just wins.

Our dear friend, Angela, also had a birthday, and requested a red velvet cake. Actually, it was more of an off-hand suggestion, but I take all cake requests seriously.

Three notes on the red cake:

1. Recipe calls for 6 Tbs red food coloring. 3 Tbs is PLENTY.

2. This cake may or may not have given me indigestion (it’s one of several suspects). The important thing is that I did not food poison the birthday girl.

3. New cake stand + dome keeps cats out of the cakes. It does not keep them out of the powdered sugar, though:

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