Weekly Food: Barley, Mushroom, & Asparagus Salad and Mole Skillet Pie

Yikes! How did I get behind on blogging over spring break? I blame it partially on homework and midterms due over this alleged break, partially on my job, partially on a plethora of Aries birthdays, and more substantially on my recent discovery of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Rest assured, we did eat last week in spite of distraction, and in spite of the burns and cuts (still healing) I sustained in preparation.

Recipe 1: Warm barley, mushroom and asparagus salad from the Joy of Cooking.

I tend to think of Joy as a cookie cookbook, but thought I’d branch out & try a salad. It was nice and lemony. Lesson learned: asparagus is maybe a bit too potent to eat every day of the week.

Recipe 2: Mole skillet pie with greens from Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

Basically, this pie is made of beans and greens (in our case, swiss chard) mixed with mole and baked with corn bread on top. It was a bit labor intensive because I had to make the mole (even more so because I spilled the first batch of spice mix all over the floor).  It was tasty though, and could benefit from adding even more veggies. Also, it’s good with cheese and sour cream, if you’re into those things (yes, I just suggested adding dairy to a vegan recipe — it is straight up anarchy over here!).

Time: 3 hours

Soundtrack: Marketplace, The World, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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