Weekly Food: Falafel and Pho

The much-anticipated festivities for Sara’s birthday begin this week. It’s a pretty big deal, so we chose two dishes that don’t take a lot of time to make.
Up first: falafel

Falafel is one thing I refuse to make from a box/mix, because it’s so easy and tastes so much better homemade. I’ve been trying out some different recipes — this time I used Mark Bittman’s. It was a little dry, but we left out the onions due to a miscommunication, so I’m not ready to make a final judgment yet.

Second, I’ve been wanting to try to make vegetarian pho for a while now, and since I stocked up on noodles recently, this seemed like a good time to go for it. I snagged this recipe via Google and left out the cloves because I didn’t have any. Apparently I’m a little off this week. Let’s hope things go better with Sara’s birthday cake.

Time: 1 hour

Soundtrack: The Moth Radio Hour

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