Spring Excitement

It’s Spring in Minneapolis! Actually, it’s been spring-like for quite a while, but I haven’t wanted to mention it lest we get an April snowstorm. I think we’re in the clear to celebrate now, though.

I’m particularly excited for the month of May for two food-related reasons:

1. Beginning May 6, we’ll be getting a weekly box of vegetables from Harmony Valley¬† Farm in Viroqua, WI. This is my first time getting a CSA, and I decided to go big — we should be getting enough vegetables to feed a family of 4 every week (I have food scarcity issues). I’m determined to use them up, so in the coming weeks, you can expect the “Weekly Food” section of this blog to become a chronicle of how we use our vegetables.

2. On May 1, we pick up our compost bin from the Recycling Association of Minnesota. Yay! I’m super excited about this because at least half of our trash is food waste. We’re planning to downsize to the city’s smaller sized trash can. After years of renting, I don’t have tons of experience composting, so leave helpful tips in the comments if you have them.

Spring has also been an interesting time in our new house. It seems like every week, something else sprouts up in our yard — like this cool purple snakeskin flower:

Thanks to the help of Twitter, I’ve been able to identify it as Fritillaria. Thanks, hive mind!

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