CSA Week 2: Stinging Nettles

I am very seldom daunted by food. That said, when Sara picked me up from my volunteer gig a couple weeks ago complaining that her hand hurt from handling the nettles in our CSA box, I was concerned. She was ready to chuck the whole bunch, but I couldn’t let them go. I got out my tongs to handle them and successfully created the sunchoke and nettle soup featured in the Harmony Valley Newsletter (with skim milk instead of cream). Sara looked skeptical when I served up the steaming bowls of green, but I can now say that they do not sting once cooked. Look how benign they are pureed to hell with a side of bread:

Maybe next year I’ll get more adventurous.

I also tried making this sorrel pesto last week.  I can only imagine how much better it would have tasted if I could have used pine nuts instead of walnuts. I just can’t justify the cost of pine nuts right now, though.

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