Date Night

I have one rule that has done a lot to preserve my sanity thus far in the work/grad school grind: I don’t do homework on Friday night. Also, I don’t cook. Friday is date night. Fortunately, Sara was pretty easily convinced that this was a good idea too, so we keep this night for each other. We don’t have to do anything fancy — often it’s just going out for dinner, biking around a lake, or renting a movie. And sometimes we drink fancy cocktails and play board games in our dining room. Here’s a picture from last Friday: mojitos, tiramisu, and Monopoly.

I should note that I also don’t make cocktails — I bought Sara ingredients to make a Sidecar, and the book The Craft of the Cocktail for her birthday a couple years ago, and she’s been the resident expert ever since.

It’s a simple thing, but spending time together when we’re not working or running errands means a lot these days.

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