Super Swap Weekend

One of the memories I can just grasp from my early childhood is watching a cartoon that featured a trading post (in my memory, it was Rabbit’s Trading Post on a Winnie the Pooh show, but the internet has, so far, been unable to confirm that for me.) I loved the idea of a trading post then, and am still a huge fan of the barter economy. This weekend, I had the great good fortune to participate in two Minneapolis swap events: The MPLS Swapper’s Food Swap and the Swap-o-Rama-Rama. I love Minneapolis!

The first event was all about food. This was my first food swap so I was super nervous. I decided to bring root beer cupcakes with vanilla malt frosting and vegan basil lemonade scones (recipes for both coming soon.) I got there early to set up my station. Here’s my very own trading post:

And here’s everything I brought home in exchange for all that sugar:

I traded all of my leftover frosting for that big bunch of kale. Other very exciting items I brought home with me included: chocolate orange zucchini bread, a vast assortment of jams, pickles, cowboy caviar, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, pie pops, and candied sesame walnuts. This event is so full of win. I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the swap is held at Open Arms Minnesota, an organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to people living with serious and life threatening diseases.

The Swap-o-Rama-Rama was all about clothes. It was much less organized than the food swap, but I brought a garbage bag full of clothes to share and came home with a full bag of new duds, so I consider it a huge success. In addition to a giant pile of clothes to dig through, this swap had sewing machines and an airbrushing station for anyone who wanted to make immediate alterations. I didn’t make use of any of the stations, but I have a whole new Winter wardrobe (huge thanks on this to the friend I attended with who brought great clothes.)

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  • Your root beer cupcakes were awesome, by the way! ^_^

  • Katie Spehar


    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. You are so cool! Really wishing we could see you more, but with the distance it is hard. Your brother wants to go on a vacation, but it would be in the winter and he wants to go somewhere warm. So here’s hoping we get to your place in the spring or summer. When will you be coming back to the country? It is neat here. Very peaceful. There have been wild turkeys running around lately. Laila likes to dart off running at high speeds toward them. She is so playful and happy. I love her. Scotty is working a lot. I just thought to myself that this will be a post for others to see, so I will end my rambling now and thank you so much for the very interesting reading material you present on this page. The pictures are also fabulous!



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