Eating the Internet


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The Internet has been feeding me since my college days when my roommates and I would scour every week to find new and exciting things to make in our dorm kitchen. I think I was possibly the most well-fed college student ever. Now that the Internet is all grown up, I can spend hours and hours digging through recipe websites trying to find the best version of something to try out (or more likely, the version of this thing that uses ingredients I have in my house). It’s exhilarating/exhausting.

Also exhausting is digging around the web trying to find something I made 5 months ago and am craving again. It’s a precious few recipes I make more than once, so I thought I’d save both you & me some time by rounding up a list of favorites so we don’t have to look all over for them.

Baked Oatmeal with Pecans, Blueberries, & Bananas (ok, I made this for the first time just last weekend, but I already know I’m going to want it again.)

The Moosewood Cookbook’s Thai Salad

Root Beer Cupcakes with Vanilla Malt Frosting (recipe mashups are my favorite kind of mashups)

Basil Hummus

Scrambled Tofu with Greens and Berry Chipotle Sauce

Red Split Lentils With Cabbage and Indian Spiced Cauliflower and Potatoes

Best Brussels Sprouts

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  • Katie Spehar

    I love Allrecipes! Your Mom told me about it :) Have you used Supercook? It’s a neat site where you can list some of the ingredients that you want to use and go from there. For me it started with canned chicken and I made Chicken Enchiladas. I think that might be my signature dish now. Nice kitty cat.

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