Baking Roundup

I don’t know if anyone looks at this blog anymore, but I do. It helps me remember what I’ve made before and liked. I’ve noticed that my last few posts have been heavy on the baking … and still I haven’t been keeping up with everything I’ve been making. Here is a roundup of all the things I’ve baked in the last month that I haven’t managed to share yet:

Classic Granola

I make this almost every week. I got the recipe from Liz Gunderson’s Food for Fun blog. My favorite way to make it is with pecans, cranberries, & maple syrup. I also sub flax meal for half of the wheat germ.

Cloverleaf French Bread

From Fresh Eggs Daily. Yes, it’s labor-intensive (5 rises!), but it makes a ton, freezes well, and is super delicious.

Mrs. Foster’s Lime Pie

You can read all about this recipe over on my other blog. This pie made me think of summer, and that’s worth a lot these days.

Brown Butter Soda Bread

This recipe is from Epicurious. I made it as part of our St. Patrick’s day feast.

Almond Raspberry Layer Cake

From the Smitten Kitchen. This was Sara’s birthday cake (hence, the profanity). It was pretty amazing.


2 comments to Baking Roundup

  • Liz

    Thanks for the granola shout-out, Megan! Like your flax meal sub–smart lady you are. lol the bday cake. Will so not be using that phrasing on the cake at my 7-year-old’s bday in a few weeks ;-) Have you been to Psycho Suzi’s? They include similar sentiment on the piece of bday cake you can order off the menu. We had kids with us (it was lunch, so more kid-friendly then) and they toned it down for us by bringing us a sliced that said only “Bite me.”

    Love the cooking that you do. Hadn’t realized you had your own blog. Fun!

  • Megan

    Yes, here is my often-dormant personal blog — used mostly as a memory crutch for myself. I have not seen the cakes at Psycho Suzi’s — I guess next time I’m there I’ll have to order more than drinks.

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